“2013: The Growth of Coworking Spaces?”

We’ve jumped into the second month of the year 2013 and results have begun displaying the dynamic growth of coworking spaces around the world – higher numbers and a greater variety. While we take a look back at the results from last year, many of the coworking spaces that have already filled up with members are now expanding and opening a few more branches. Researches have shown that 53% of large coworking spaces are planning to open a new location while last year’s results only showed 44%. Numbers of members in a coworking space have also increased and surveys have been done to reflect 84% of members who are working at a coworking space plan to stay for another year at the least.

With the opening of more coworking spaces, the concept of freelancing and entrepreneurship is becoming more common especially among the younger generation. The concept is being seen as an alternative career path and a coworking space is where these independent workers can connect with each other and share their knowledge with one another. At the same time, especially here in Hong Kong, it is considered much more cost-effective considering all the resources that are provided all in one package with a price more attractive compared those of traditional business centres and serviced offices. Not to mention the lack of space in a place like Hong Kong! The coworking community here is continuously growing and at least five coworking spaces have been opened during the past year. The Hive is proud to say we have now been opened for 7 months with a 4th floor that has just opened last month. We are currently running with 2 floors of open-spaced hotdesks and 2 floors of dedicated offices.

For more information on our memberships, please visit our Membership page: http://thehivestorage.com.hk/membership/

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