“5 Tips to Becoming a Top Networker”

Networking. A word that we hear constantly in our daily lives.
How many of us are able to make good use of it?

1. Take the time to think of questions you want to ask others.
Don’t assume you know what people are doing or their background. This is when LinkedIn comes to good use. When you meet them, take the time to really meet someone and find out what they or their business might be struggling with.

2. Bring value to a new relationship.
One of the most important reasons for networking is the opportunities of making new connections. If you know someone who can help solve a problem that a new connection tells you about, introduce them to each other. By taking action, you are providing value to the relationship and it shows you really do care about the other person’s problems.

3. Share what you do.
Sharing what you do does not mean giving someone a 1 hour lecture on your company and business plans. Tell them what you actually enjoy doing whether it be fishing or kayaking or painting. These light topics can help warm up the atmosphere so that people feel more comfortable to open up and start talking. You might even find a partner to do the things you love doing.

4. Make a list of your own.
Jot a list down of highlights and topics or people you’ve met from the event. This will help you remember things that you can reference to when you meet those people next time. You will find it also helps prevent opportunities from slipping away.

5. If you say you are going to call, you better call. If it’s an email that you promised, then send it.
Keeping little promises reflects on your character and shows how trustworthy you are. Following up on previous conversations also shows that you really care about others and the work that you do.

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