Business Lessons Learned From the Upcoming Battlefield 4 Game

Okay… It’s odd, I know. Realistically there has always been that cliché that business is actually a battlefield. But how on earth can a video game (one that hasn’t even come out on any platform yet) teach you anything about business? Logically, it shouldn’t. These are lessons that you should know and are mostly common sense, but sometimes it just takes a little helping hand from the people at EA Games to point them out. Also, it can be a great excuse when the wife/girlfriend says you are playing too many video games!

Pick a Diverse Team

Like the teams selected in warfare games, your team must be diverse in their talents; Snipers, explosive experts and recon are replaced by marketers, economists and developers. These are your most important assets; ensure they are treated in that way.


Working as a team gets the job done. Sure, you may think you will be able to take on the enemy on your own, but generally this will lead to death (in a business sense of course).  Together, everyone achieves more.

Have a Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If there was something to take away from this blog, that would be it. Sometimes it may not go the way you want it, but you can learn from your mistakes and plan your attack better. Unfortunately, you do not have the ability to re-spawn in the real world!

Establish Checkpoints

Always a must in a game. Otherwise you would just forget to save your progress, die and have to do it all over again. The real world is a little less forgiving. Set yourself checkpoints and objectives that will work to your ultimate goal. Without checkpoints, it’s possible that you may go off course.

Know Your Enemy

Know what they do, what they wear, how they act, etc. Doing this will give you the upper hand in some cases. By studying this it will help you stay ahead of the game and will give you a greater insight into how you should treat them.

Pick Your Approach

Flank them? Surround them? Surprise them? In business it is the same deal. How are you going to successfully get yourself across to the consumer? A wrong choice can be catastrophic, so do your best to choose wisely.

Pick the Right Weapon

Depending on what you are doing and the environment, so weapons are more appropriate then others. You’re not going to bring a pistol to a tank fight, nor a bazooka to close quarter’s combat. This is the same in business. What would you like to achieve; short, mid or long term goals? Pick the right weapon that will help you achieve these.

Know Your Vehicles

What will you use to get there? All vehicles have different strengths, weaknesses, and speeds. It is the same with your marketing channels. Print advertising, television, social media, all have various differences. Just make sure you choose the right one that suits your mission.


See your target. Take a deep breath. And hit it. It is key for you (and that wonderful team you selected) to not get sidetracked by anything else. Focus on your goals and achieve them.

Don’t Rush

Rushing will compromise your team. Without properly getting to know all of the external factors surrounding you, as well as the internal ones with your team, could be disasterous.

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