“Co working space vs the coffee shop.”

Why would someone want to join a coworking space instead of staying home or working at the coffee shop? Some people believe that the noise level at a coffee shop helps them to focus more while others say that coworking networks are actually the source of a great percentage of their business. It’s true that working at home saves you a bundle, but it’s also true that working at home requires very extreme discipline to keep away from all distractions there are at home. I spoke to a few members at the Hive and many felt that working at home caused them to slack off very often and it was difficult to get any work done. Here at the Hive, people felt more motivated to work and at the same time, there’s a community of people they can share their ideas with or collaborate with. Walking ten steps away from your bed seems much quicker and easy but on the other hand, one works in a more professional and balanced way when they have to get dressed to leave the house and work.

There are a few entrepreneurs who enjoy the bustling noises at the coffee shop but how many coffees or sandwiches would one have to buy each day to not feel guilty for taking up a table for long hours? Not to mention, not all places have fast (and free) WIFI.

I recently came across an article about cafes that are now removing and/or blocking sockets to minimize the number of people who use their space for long hours while still sipping on one single cup of coffee. “It’s true that coffee shops can also be a community but I started feeling sick of ordering coffees on a routine basis,” said one of the members at the Hive who claims they used to be a frequent coffee shop user. Another important factor was security – it wasn’t safe to leave belongings unattended and go for lunch.

Joining a coworking space has allowed users to solve all those issues. Here at the Hive, our membership includes: WIFI access on all our floors, printer usage, meeting room usage, and you don’t have to worry about coffee anymore as that is also included! There is also 24 hours access of our 19th floor for full-time members. Better yet, we have hosts who provide concierge/secretarial services depending on your needs. If you are interested to join our community, please send us an apply form and we would love to meet you!

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