Concept Lab Night

Concept Lab Night is designed for anyone willing to share their business ideas to an audience for direct feedback. The event is open to all entrepreneurs in Hong Kong who wish to either present or be a part of the audience.

Last concept lab was organized on 17th of June 2013. The evening began with presentations of three speakers: Adam Bornstein and Orlando Salazar from Brighton Academy and Stephen Lam from

Adam and Orlando’s business concept is a nonprofit kindergarten for 3-6 years old children located in Lamma Island. Brighton Academy is designed especially for abused, disable and single parents’ children.

The founders decided to open the Academy as according to statistics, the number of single parents with children increased 50% over the past decade. Moreover, only 17,6% of all kindergarten teachers in HK possess Qualified Kindergarten Teacher status. That is why Brighton Academy came up with an idea to establish creative, dynamic and impactful kindergarten with highly qualified accredited educators! Adam and Orlando are in the process of raising grants to support the kindergarten’s operation through the start-up period. Brighton Academy is in existence since August 2013. If you want to support this initiative, contact the founders by email:

The next speaker Stephen Lam presented the idea of Everyone can be a freelancer! It is a concept of an online platform that allows freelancers to advertise their skills and services and helps employers to locate suitable and trustworthy freelancers. The platform is going to allow users to review freelancers’ service quality and check their rating system. Moreover, is going to be a social network system based on instant messaging, which enables effective communication between freelancers and potential employers. Customized search engine and personalized information system is going to ensure effective search and job matching.

After each presentation the audience discussed with the presenters their concept, shared their feedback and concerns.

Would you like to get feedback on your latest business concept before investing your money and time?  Join our next Concept Lab Night on Wednesday 9th of October! Your idea could be at the drawing stage, or maybe you have a prototype of your product in your hand. Whatever your concept is – this event is perfect chance to get considered feedback from people who can think like your customers. If you would like to attend our next Concept Lab as a presenter or a member of the audience, please email us:

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