“Coworking? We meant cocooking.”

Although many of us work irregular hours, one thing is true – freelancers and entrepreneurs need to eat too! When we talk about corporate lunches, groups of big men in business suits gathering around the table come to mind. It’s time to change those thoughts around. After all – coworking is beginning to change the way we work. It might as well change the way we eat.

Lunches for members of a coworking space is not only a great way of meeting new people but is also a way of creating a community of people who believe in the same (or somewhat similar!) beliefs and values. Here at the Hive, we hosted our X-Pollinate Lunch event yesterday which was not just a great opportunity for members to meet one another and introduce themselves with where they come from or what they do – but the event also helped shape what the Hive is really about and the community within us.

We hope to host more of these special events for our Members and we are always looking for ways to improve. If you have any ideas of things we can do to help the startup community in Hong Kong, please let us know!

For more details on our upcoming events, please visit our Events page.

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