“Featured Members – Pure Continental”

Richard Buckley and Eric Fabery de Jonge founded Pure Continental Ltd., in 2011. Eric, who was originally from Holland, met Richard while he was in Thailand five years ago. At the time, both were working in different industries. Richard, who is of British background, was previously involved in technology marketing and market research while Eric worked for his family’s jewelry business which dates back 6 generations. Eric has been working in the jewelry industry since he was 18 and had set up his own business in 2005. The idea of metal business cards came to mind because it was closely related to jewelry – both being high end and luxurious. Pure Continental was set up and born in May 2011.

“We chose Hong Kong because it’s renowned as Asia’s business hub. It’s the place where everything is happening. Asia is the centre of the world now in terms of financial markets and it seemed like a logical place to be based from,” says Richard. From the city, Eric and Richard began sourcing for partners and suppliers, which included several trips to Thailand and Mainland China.

Today, Pure Continental under the Pure Metal Cards brand is selling a wide variety of metal business cards and metal VIP membership cards to customers worldwide including Hong Kong, USA, Middle East, Europe, and Australia. The company has the distinction of selling the world’s most expensive business card, a 22 carat gold business card.  Other brands within the company include Pure Carbon Fiber Cards and Pure Wood Cards. In addition to different metals and a wide variety of card finishes, the company offers other metal based products including invitation cards, Christmas cards, magnetic cards, VIP membership cards and even USB cards. There are a lot of possibilities and choices in terms of design and type of material used. With each order, the cards delivered in packaging that includes a luxurious wood presentation case.

When asked about giving advice to other entrepreneurs: “You must lay the foundations of a company very well before you start to expand. Of course you need to be able to make the products or services but that is not the only thing the business is about. The whole experience has to be perfect, then you can start to present yourself to the outside world,” says Eric. For Pure Continental, their next big market is China and they are planning to open another office in the United States as well because most of their customers are located there.

Eric and Richard had heard about the Hive through a friend. After visiting the Hive, they instantly knew they had come to the right place. “The location is great and when you move in, you’re new but very soon, everyone knows who everyone is. We are actually also collaborating with another group of members at the Hive and supplying them with metal plates for their next product,” says Richard. For both Eric and Richard, they had heard about office spaces in Hong Kong but they were all very generic – the usual, plain traditional office desks that were nothing near fancy and they strongly believed they were not that kind of company. “Pure Continental is all about high-end and cutting edge designs and The Hive fits neatly with what we are doing and where we are going.”

If you would like more information, please visit their website at http://www.puremetalcards.com/ or email them at info[at]PureMetalCards.com.


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