“First Typhoon No.10 Since 1999!”

It has been 13 years since Hong Kong had the last T10. Last night, Typhoon Vincente has caused a bit of damage in Hong Kong with trees being blown down and windows being broken. Luckily, no major casualties had been caused.

The Hive closed at 530pm yesterday after all members had left and when we came back this morning, two of our lovely palm trees were on the floor! Worse, we noticed that there were water leakages on some walls, causing an electronic short circuit on some sockets on 21/F!

Having pulled the trees back up, electricians were called in to fix the circuit. We were informed that we should let the sockets ‘dry out’ for a couple of days for safety reasons. Management office also sent staff to inspect the water leakage from the exterior wall. They promised to get it fixed but it will take some time as they need to gather quotes first and waterproofing work would take some time.

Looks like we will need to live with these imperfect walls for a bit of time for now! Sigh..

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