Food Blog by Elaine

Everyone knows that I love my food, and maybe that’s why a lot of members come to me when they need restaurants suggestions.

Lets talk about take away first.
In the area, my favorite sandwich / salad place is Passion by Gerard Dubois on 74-80 Johnston Road. They do lovely lovely dessert as well!
If I don’t have enough time to walk 10 minutes to Passion, I will buy a simple but still quite lovely ¬†sandwich from La Rose Noire which sits inside the Vanguard Supermarket at Jaffe Road. Their bagel sandwich is my favorite, and I love it toasted.
Further down on Jaffe Road you can find a lovely takeaway sushi place called Mitaki. As a carbohydrate fan, I love their minced tuna rice box but it is indeed quite a bit of rice.
I will talk about local eateries next, followed by sit-down lunches. Stay tuned!

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