“Getting Yourself in the Christmas Mood in Hong Kong.”

Looking around the beautiful city of Hong Kong, we can begin to see the signs of Christmas everywhere. With the pretty Christmas decorations at shopping malls and shops – There’s even a poster for the Office Christmas Party sitting right next to me as I type, and the Christmas lights to the mini Christmas Tree is turned on. And what’s more exciting is that I can wear one of my five Christmas jumpers on Friday at the Christmas party without any judgment. So yes, I am most defiantly feeling the Christmas Spirit.

While roaming the streets and attempting to do some Christmas shopping, you can’t stop but notice that the stores are changing their stock to display the various items for Christmas. Retailers are decorating everything to put Christmas on the minds of people earlier this year, I mean, Halloween was not even over when the stores started bringing out the Christmas Trees and dancing Santa’s on Pebble Street in Central.

However, for the few party poopers out there who are still not in the mood to celebrate, here are five little pointers that will get you in the Christmas mood.

1.) Start looking for your perfect Christmas card – I’ve seen a handful of beautiful Christmas cards since the beginning of November, and now there are even more. If you’re looking for some beautiful ones to send out to your families and loved ones, visit Great at Admiralty or City Super IFC. If you’re low on cash but want to give something nice to people, try and make some DIY cards.

2.) Use scented candles around the house to capture favorite Christmas scents. Whether it is gingerbread, peppermint, or sugar cookies, the house will soon smell like it is ready for Christmas.

3.) Make some seasonal treats, and share it with your colleges at work or friends. The smells of fruitcake, pumpkin pie, or Christmas cookies can inspire a feeling of excitement about the upcoming holiday season.

4.) Listen to Christmas music. Keeping a Christmas CD to listen to on the way to work or while doing household errands will defiantly put you in the spirit of things. If you’re not digging the songs like ‘Santa Clause is Coming to Town’ and still think it’s too early to sing some Christmas Carols, try and keep the music that can relate to the beginning of Christmas. For example ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ is my go-to pick me up track. I personally have about 12 different versions of the song and I have to say is my favorite tune to play during the early days of the festive season.

5.) And finally, sit back and watch a Christmas Movie. Now serious discussions have been made arguing what makes a ‘movie’ to a ‘Christmas movie’. But all arguments aside, whatever movie you end up choosing, as long as it makes you dance to ‘All I Want for Christmas’ by the end of it, it’s a keeper.

So my fellow peeps, what are your recommendations or things that get YOU in the mood to celebrate? Whether it’s just a nice cup of hot chocolate or a tasty treat from Starbucks, our team hopes this list will get you in the mood for the Christmas party this Friday at 6pm. See you all there!

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