Hello, I’m the New Hive Intern!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Frédéric and I’m doing a 3 months internship at the Hive. I am a fourth year student at ESTA, School of Business and Engineering, in France. In this school, I’m preparing a five-year degree leading to Masters in International Business Development. My studies include economics, sales, marketing and management; as well as mechanical and electronical engineering. In my studies curriculum, I need to perform an internship each year. Last year, I did an internship in USA, and this year, I really wanted to come to Hong Kong. It was the Hive which offered me a position.

When I discovered the Hive and its activities, I never heard about coworking spaces or shared offices before and I was very skeptical about its usefulness. To my surprise, while I was seeking information on coworking spaces, I discovered that coworking spaces are opening everywhere in the world. I even discovered a coworking place at 10 minutes walking distance from my school in France.

I didn’t need much time working at the Hive to understand why it is such a success. I have already worked in several companies but for most of my jobs, the office was ugly and didn’t motivate me to work. Here, at the Hive, the place is very attractive with unique furniture and an interior design that a normal company would never invest in. Moreover, people who come here for work or for events, are really motivated by what they do, whatever it is. It creates a community of people with very different profiles who share their experiences and their expertise. Even if they don’t have the same goals, each member has knowledge to share and knowledge to learn from others. As a student, I also know the difficulty of trying to concentrate on work at home: there are just too many distractions around!

Before departing back to France in early December, I will be helping to promote the Hive into the French community in Hong Kong and my objective is to convince those who are skeptical about what a coworking place can bring to them (as I was one of those people when I first came). I now believe that coworking spaces, such as the Hive, are a good alternative to working at home and are suitable for people working alone or in a small team.

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