“Hello, It’s the Intern Here Again …..”

I have been working at the Hive for 3 weeks now, and I have been involved in all of the Hive’s activities. I have learned many new skills and is always helping to keep the Hive a pleasant place including keeping the space tidy, helping members if needed, and preparing the 9th floor to be ready for opening. I also attended events, such as the 101 workshop on “The Basic Principles of Building an Online Presence” (very interesting by the way), the Designer Fashion Night organized by Le Shop des Createurs, or even evening networking events organized for the Hive members. All these events are interesting at both professional and personal levels. Conferences are always a good way to increase our personal knowledge and networking is also a good way to create professional relationships and make the Hive known. I even had the opportunity to meet people who have become my friends now.

My main job at the Hive is to promote the space to the French community (which is very important in Hong Kong). Up until now, I have done a great amount of research and helped market the Hive towards people who would be interested and/or need the services that the Hive has to offer. I have been in contact with many different entrepreneurs and attending French networking events.

I would like to thank the Founder, Constant Tedder, and the Hive team for welcoming me here. Actually, it was very hard to find an internship in Hong Kong from France. Most of the people I talked with who were interested in my profile expected that I was already living in Hong Kong. I have never been to Hong Kong and I thank the Hive for supporting me and providing me the opportunity to learn during my stay here.


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