“I am the Hive’s first intern!”

On the 9th July, I officially became the Hive’s first intern just almost one and a half months since the Hive began in operation, which was the same time I graduated from King George V School (KGV), a Hong Kong International School. Opportunities are not always there and when I saw that internship opportunity at the Hive, I grasped it, taking it as an enriching experience for the summer before heading off to the University of Washington.

On my first day, I was almost the earliest to arrive, being totally lost, seemingly like the world went upside down. There was already an event “Boom innovation ltd & Wrigley’s” at the top floor and I was still stuck deeply contemplating after receiving my International Baccalaureate results the other day. I could remember the words that my director said: “Make yourself useful. Observe.” I was reminded by how life involved us being “thrown into the world” as Heidegger, our great philosopher suggested. Life required us being preemptive, mastering adaptability, and making a positive outlook.

Working at the Hive involved mixed feelings of anxiety and excitation. It became self-evident that learning at the Hive would require critical thinking and precise observations. I had duties such as performing greetings, refilling the water and coffee beans, purchasing furniture, and much more. The Hive was literally alive with the members going back and forth, the occasional speeches and laughter at the hot desks, and finally the tranquility that spreads out through the room. Not to mention how the Hive took another great flight of success at the first workshop of the 101 series “Starting New Businesses”. During the event, I even met a KGV alumnus and thought there were solely two possibilities for such an occurrence: either the world was small or that the Hive was truly hosting an international culture that could attract almost anybody. This was one aspect that made me unable to express my gratitude towards my director and founder who very kindly accepted me into this indescribable environment of unlimited potential to learn. This will be a summer I will never forget.

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