“Introducing Cedric Delzenne, founder of Shop des Créateurs.”

One of the first members to join the Hive was Cedric Delzenne, founder of Shop des Créateurs. Cedric was born in France and was originally working for a management consultancy company based in Paris. He read about news in Asia everyday which attracted him to move to Hong Kong out of curiosity. He has now lived in Hong Kong for two years and believes it is a great place for fashion business. Inspired by an article about Taobao, an online platform that was rapidly growing in Mainland China, Cedric began creating his own online platform and collaborated with a few local designers.

After only arriving in Hong Kong for 6 months, Cedric’s own online platform “http://www.shopdescreateurs.com/” was born. Shop des Créateurs is a one stop shop for unique items and brands with a story including popular brands such as Mischa (HK) and Esther Bonté (Europe). The website offers ecommerce platform, PR and marketing services, helps with social media, finds sponsorship opportunities for the designers, and organizes events including fashion design competitions and fashion shows across Asia. He is highly selective about the brands the company works with and what started with 15 designers has now grown to over 40 designers from around the world. “There are a few legal constraints but it’s very easy to start business and to hire people. With the profit taxes being low in Hong Kong, I can focus on business,” says Cedric.

This year, Cedric will be hosting a Designer Fashion Night in late September which will be held at the Hive. His upcoming projects include an iPhone App and a Chinese version of the site that will be released later this year.

“It’s somewhere that I enjoy working, to have meetings or share ideas with co-workers. I would describe this place as very friendly, well-designed, well-located, flexible in terms of the space to work, and a very great way to meet people!” says Cedric when commenting on the Hive.

If you would like to contact Cedric, please email him at cedric@shopdescreateurs.com.

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