“Introducing Charles Toller, Director and Founder of BrandBeat”

Charlie has been in Hong Kong for one and a half years. Before moving here, he was doing music licensing in the UK. Charlie first came to Hong Kong because he believed the place seemed “culturally, socially and geographically interesting”. He soon realized that most of the brands in Hong Kong sponsor events just to put their company logo on giveaways or on a backdrop. The marketing and advertising scene was a bit “generic” and he wanted to provide something different. A year later, Charlie set up his own company, “BrandBeat.”

BrandBeat is a consulting company that focuses on participatory marketing. It aims to develop brands alongside consumer cultures, generating content that is truly engaging and delivering experiences that are genuine and powerful. The company utilizes social media and develops strategies that tie in with relevant consumption patterns. The media is then syndicated through the right channels so the most significant audiences are able to enjoy it.

Being a music maniac and having a wealth of knowledge in global music trends as well as the ability to produce good branded content, Charlie can connect different international and local artists. By linking cutting edge music and media, he has customers from different industries including alcohol, electronics, and food. Charlie admits that music and brand are both subjective – they depend on demography and taste. By the end of this year, he plans to launch a web TV platform that will be used to create content for other Asian countries as well including China, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia.

Regarding the Hive, “I’m on the road a fair bit. I like it here because I can walk in & out whenever I want. It has a great atmosphere, reliable Internet, awesome designs and an abundant supply of coffee. I would love it even more if there was a Hive in Central,” says Charlie.

If you would like to contact Charlie, please email him at charlie [at] brandbeatasia.com.

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