“Introducing Lynette Ong, owner and founder of “Edge of Ember”

Singapore-born Lynette has already lived in Hong Kong for 5 years. She has worked in a few financial institutions in New York and Hong Kong for 4 years but she had always wanted to do something creative. During her travels across Asia, she uncovered that there were unique and inspiring artisan craftsmanship that she felt was overlooked by the international audience. Last October, she decided to quit her job and became a jewellery designer. In March, Lynette’s own fashion jewellery business, “Edge of Ember”, was born.

“Edge of Ember” is a design-oriented and socially-conscious jewellery brand. It partners with local & non-profit fair trade organizations and artisan groups in Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia and Vietnam. It is ensured that the artisans work in decent conditions, are paid fairly, and have adequate development opportunities.

When she first started the business in Hong Kong, it seemed like Hong Kong was just a financial city but it was also good for small business startups. “It’s easy to meet people and things are cheap in Hong Kong,” says Lynette. With the well-known Hong Kong jewellery shows, she can source her jewellery suppliers in an easy way but when it comes to dealing with the artisans, sometimes there are communication issues – not just design-wise but also time-wise. It is time-consuming to produce items since the jewellery is all handcrafted.

For the moment, the Edge of Ember has an online retail shop, 2 stockists in Hong Kong and 2 in Singapore. Lynette plans to expand its retail network and open a showroom in New York in the future.

After several visits to different workspaces in Hong Kong, she finally came across the Hive. Lynette claimed that it was difficult to find a space much like the Hive. “I like it here. It’s vibrant, open, creative and spacious. If there was really one thing that I could add, it would be a showcase so I can display my jewellery to other members and visitors.”

If you would like to contact Lynette, please email her at lynette@edgeofember.com.

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