“Introducing Mikael Pontoppidan, Visual Communications Director of NinePosts”

Mikael Pontoppidan from Denmark has just settled into Hong Kong for almost a month after finishing his MBA degree at the University of Geneva. It was his second time arriving to Hong Kong and he appreciated much more of Hong Kong’s diversity of experiences, of which he defines as its charm. He described Hong Kong as a wealthy city, but not advanced in creative aspects, which is why Hong Kong is attracting creative and innovative professionals who see great potential and job opportunities in this international marketplace. “For any start-up, network is king and Hong Kong has it,” said Mikael.

Mikael used to work as an architect until he realized that it was not entirely what he wanted to do. He decided to turn his architectural knowledge and project management skills into something even more by integrating it with business prospects, through the MBA. He became a start-up and director of “NinePosts”, a company that provides visual communications and branding for corporates.

Starting up his business was not easy and there were points he particularly highlighted. The first point was the fact that it’s tricky to pay bills when you are a start-up, especially when you’re not generating much income. He wanted to work and collaborate with others and make the business run on its own rails. Mikael hopes to inspire others to pursue what they want to do and encourages others to exchange cultures as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why he is very fond of learning languages and currently he speaks six; Danish, English, French, Spanish, German, and later Cantonese.

“The Hive has its own character with a unique look and feel to it,” says Mikael when asked about his opinions on the Hive. At first sight, the wooden furniture and the sensation of freshness captured him. He saw that the Hive has its own distinguished choice of design, which challenges the traditional image of a workplace.

If you would like to contact Mikael, please email him at mikael@nineposts.com.

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