“Introducing Sacha Ghurahoo, owner and director of The Unlimited Towel Company.”

Sacha Ghurahoo joined the Hive in mid-June and is currently one of the part time members at the Hive. She originally came from Netherland and has been in Hong Kong for just one and a half months. She used to work in Amsterdam as a marketeer for a Dutch bank but it has always been her ambition to start her own business. With this in mind, she quit her job and began a new phase of her life here in Hong Kong.

After settling down, Sacha noticed that there wasn’t any towel brand existing in the market. She began planning and was determined to make non-ordinary, unique and fashionable towels. This resulted in the birth of “The Unlimited Towel Company”. At the beginning, she found it very difficult to find a suitable towel manufacturer. There were two major concerns: quantity and quality. As a start-up, the minimum charge that was given by a few Chinese manufacturers was too high for her but Sacha was determined to produce high quality and non-ordinary towels. Finally, she ended up finding a manufacturer in Portugal, who provided assistance in the design as well as different weaving suggestions.

For the moment, her towel company is targeting the Dutch market but will be expanding towards other European countries and also Asia. She believes Asia is a potential region because the people fancy European brands. In the meantime, she is focusing on the marketing of the brand and building her company gradually.

“Working in the Hive gives me the feeling of going to work compared with working at home”, said Sacha. “I am now living in a small apartment and I like going out. At the Hive, I can talk with different people to share my ideas and focus on my work. It helps to get things done. The environment is very well-designed, clean and open. People come in and out which makes the Hive a very vibrant working space.”

If you would like to contact Sacha, please email her at sacha@theunlimitedtowelcompany.com

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