“Introducing Simona Sikimic, MA Political Journalism candidate at Columbia University”

Simona Sikimic, originally from Yugoslavia, is a British journalist and freelancer who has been in Hong Kong since the start of July this year. She believes that Hong Kong is currently the gateway to Southeast Asia and that this place is filled with possibilities.

Simona was formerly a journalist at Lebanon’s “The Daily Star” and Syria’s “Baladna English”. Most of her work is based on the United States Foreign Policies in the Middle East, Palestinian refugees, human rights violations, and women’s rights. Simona has also worked with smaller non-governmental organizations and has striven to become a voice for the local community. She has written for The Guardian online, and is currently a contributing writer for a leading Arab magazine, “The Majalla” and a reporter for “The International.org.”

Simona believes what defines her career is “never thinking there is such a thing as a stupid question”. She feels that it is the right for the public to be aware and enjoys pointing out the stories that are less told.

When asked about giving advice for other freelancers, Simona says, “Be careful not to let your standards down and keep the original idea or message.” The tip she gives to everyone is to “persevere” and learn to live with rejection. That was what Simona did and resulted with one of her greatest writing and travelling schemes. She feels more accommodated as a person and more accepted to different cultures.

She thanks the Hive for helping her find a versatile and friendly base and describes the Hive as an office that is suitable for any freelancer.

If you would like to contact Simona, please email her at simonaskm@gmail.com

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