Is Pinterest Worth Your Time?

Do we really need MORE Social Media? It is arguable that all of this online “tweeting” and “liking” is slowly making us less and less social. That being said, from a marketing perspective, social media has slowly become key in building a successful business. Pinterest is just one of these new crazes that slowly taking off.

Said to be the fastest growing social network in the world, Pinterest in essentially an online pin-up board for its users to showcase, bookmark and organize their ideas or ideas they have found. For those who know of it, the general stereotype is that it is used for recipes and wedding photos. However, Pinterest is a great tool for small businesses to get their names out there, especially if you have a visually appealing product, since photos are much more emphasized on the website then text.

There are two benefits Pinterest have over its competitors. Firstly, companies use it to crowd-source their products and business. Simple campaigns that are run, for example; “take a photo with our product” that is pinned on the board can drum up some support surrounding what is being promoted. This is controlled better then Facebook as Pinterest is more engaging. Giving each board it’s own individual identity without going through the login process enables the user to have a much easier time accessing your business, and enables them to be far more engaged with your content. You are just responsible to make that content engaging!

Secondly, using Pinterest as your own online focus group is a very popular occurrence. Pinterest users are very active on what they are displaying, volunteering the information on their board. Showing their likes, interests and dreams is just part of their show. Much unlike Facebook with their privacy settings and manually entering of this information that many lazy people tend to avoid. This means on Pinterest, YOUR access to their information, as a business or a marketer, makes your life much easier. Using this information, along with viewing other brands that they are interested in, you would be able to get a very good idea about the type of people who are purchasing your product, getting and insight into their thoughts and habits.

But, like all social media (and like all small businesses), you have to wonder if you can afford to burn resources on this endeavor. What might be good for some may not be good for others.

The ball is in your court!

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