“Most Widely Used Apps by Entrepreneurs of Today”

It seems that technology has taken over today’s society. Everywhere we go – on the bus or on the MTR – all we see are people holding their smartphones or clicking their tablets.

Here are a few really cool Apps:

1. Evernote
Evernote can be used to capture anything – your ideas, things you see, or things you hear. You can even print or save handwritten messages.

2. Asana
Asana is for sharing with the rest of your team basically anything – to plan, organize your files, and stay in synch with each other.

3. TripIt
The TripIt app, also known as the Travel App, is very useful when you are planning to take a trip. Organize your trip schedules online using Tripit!

4. Highrise
Highrise – perfect for organizing your address book and keeping track of all chats and/or emails!

5. SignEasy
Need to sign documents but want to skip the hassle of having to print, scan, or fax the document? Use SignEasy!

6. BaseCamp
BaseCamp – organize your To-Do lists, timetables, and upcoming events.

7. Captio
Captio – No need to memorize or remember things by head, why not just capture it?

8. FreshBooks
It’s like a personal accountant. Organize your invoices for clients and make billing a piece of cake.

9. Dropbox
Who needs to email themselves files anymore? There’s Dropbox!

10. Pocket
See something you want to ‘Favourite’ and refer to later on? Pocket it!

11. CardMunch
So many potential clients, so many business cards. Convert business cards into contacts with CardMunch!

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