“Network Endlessly, Collaborate Constantly”

The idea of coworking spaces has gradually become more popular. In fact, according to recent studies, it is expected that the number of coworking spaces in the year 2013 will expand by as much as 40%. The 21st century workforce no longer promotes the idea of ugly cubicles and lack of sunlight and instead, these traditional offices are being replaced by open-space plans because they generate more productivity and creativity (take Steve Jobs’ Pixar campus as an example). The modern society is all about being online – staying connected with the world and people around us.

The open-space workforces with their distinct and unique designs encourage playful collaboration and is a place where members of a variety of industries can meet each other or work together. Working at the coffee shop for free may seem appealing at first but it is definitely hard to network there and meet people who may be useful to you and your business. With coworking spaces, it allows you to meet people of a variety of industries including: freelancers, journalists, fashion designers, architects, etc. Studies show that people were more innovative when their social circle was of large loosely-connected networks rather than small groups of familiar people. Coworking space acted as a gateway to be connected to the community.

Today, the Hive has been opened for nearly four months with a newly opened third floor. Our diversity of members has expanded during these months including entrepreneurs in fashion industries, trading, real estate, online advertising, wine industry, and even a film director. Many of our members were coffee shop users before they came across the Hive. “This is a great place to meet people. I’m able to share my ideas with the others around me and receive great feedback on what I’m doing,” says one of our members.

The Hive loves to host events for the entrepreneurial community and members at the Hive. There are drinks every Thursday and coming up we will be hosting workshops and a Concept Lab Night! For more details, please see our Events page or visit us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/theHiveHongKong).

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