“Overcome Procrastination!”

You might be a very good businessman or top sales of the month.
Or maybe you’re a freelance writer who has just made the front cover.

No matter what it is that you are good at, many people can never avoid procrastination.
There will always be times when you find yourself sitting at the desk facing the monitor, but your mind is just not tuned into work mode.

1. Jot it down! Make a list!
If pen and paper don’t work for you, make use of Google calendars or apps that are made to help get you organized.

2. Have a “to do” system and manage your tasks.
By creating a system for yourself, managing your files and things-to-do makes life much more easier. Setup files to categorize emails and things that need following up. With technology becoming more advanced, you are able to organize things not only on your PC but as well as your phone.

3. Work on it with small chunks, bit by bit.
This technique may work for some – working on a project chunk by chunk. Each chunk can be 25 to 30 minutes and taking breaks in between. This will help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed rather than struggling with a project all at once.

4. Get to know yourself.
What times of the day are you most productive and least productive?
If you tend to be more focused in the mornings, then have the important projects marked in the calendar to be done in the mornings.

5. Change the environment.
If working at the coffee shop is getting too distracting for you, change the environment a bit and try working at home or at the public library. Your workplace and its surroundings are very important especially when you are trying to complete urgent assignments.

6. Make a “top 3” must-finish list the night before.
At the end of the day, keep in mind of the top 3 major things that NEED to be completed the next day. This will help you focus on what’s more urgent and help you to overcome procrastination.

7. Start on a different project.
It may sound odd that starting on a different project (a more interesting one) can help with procrastinating. While you are hard at work, you can switch around and move between projects. Once you have ideas going, it becomes much easier to switch between projects because you are already zooming with ideas while in your work mode. This is much better than having no motivation and wasting time being stuck on ideas for a single project.

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