“The best location to start a business? Hong Kong.”

Believe it or not, Hong Kong is listed among Top 10 Best Locations to Start a Business. “Hong Kong Beats Netherlands and U.S. as Best Place for Business” was a bold headline of a recent article by Bloomberg. Hong Kong, known for free-market policies and low corporate tax rates, is currently the best place to do business according to the studies. “Hong Kong is a gateway to China, it has competitive tax rates and that makes it one of the natural choices for companies to set up their Asian headquarters,” says a deputy head of Asia economics research at Nomura Holdings Inc. In terms of transportation and logistics, Hong Kong was in the middle – close to China yet close to other parts of Asia as well. CNN also released an article this month on “50 Reasons Hong Kong is the World’s Greatest City.” I spoke to a few members of the Hive on their thoughts and feelings about starting up business here in Hong Kong. It turns out that most believe that there may be a few legal constraints but overall, Hong Kong is an easy place to hire people and profit taxes are low.

Here at the Hive, we have a very diverse community of entrepreneurs who have come from all over the globe. Some working in retail and design, while others in photography, architecture, and sourcing companies to name a few. The Hive has become a great place to meet many amazing new people. We believe Hong Kong is a very vibrant and internationally cultured place and we hope to reflect that here at the Hive!

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