The Heat is Coming!

Lately the days have been getting warmer a little bit warmer, and the classic Hong Kong heat is taking over. So is this a good thing or a bad thing? There is always some kinds of debate over it. Winter here can be bleak, rainy and depressing; but summer is not exactly the most pleasant time of the year with it being +30C and 100% humidity but let us indulge you in some handy places for you to enjoy (and beat) the summer sun!



Hong Kong is well known for its urban sprawl, but it also has some amazing coastal areas that house some wonderful beaches. And what is summer without a trip to the beach? Most of the best ones are quite difficult to get out to, but they are all well worth it! On Hong Kong Island, it is worth heading to the southern side to places like Deepwater Bay, South Bay, Shek O and Big Wave Bay that all have wonderful and pristine beaches for you to relax at and take some steam off. Further north, a must do is heading to Sai Kung area, which is extremely popular for it’s coast and beaches. If you are willing to go that extra mile, hop on a boat to Kui Tsui Chau and walk down to Hap Mun Bay for potentially one of the best beaches in Hong Kong!! Fear not, shark nets have been installed to make sure no unwanted visitors arrive!



Obviously this should be save for when it is not too gross outside. But if you do find a nice clear day that is not too bad, there are plenty of great hikes around Hong Kong that are worthy ways to kill an afternoon. The popular ones include the award winning Dragon’s Back in Shek O, and the Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail, but there are some great ones that are often overlooked. An easy favorite would be the Sheung Luk Stream hike out in Sai Kung that ends at a clean and beautiful waterfall that you can reward yourself with a dip following the walk. Don’t worry, they are freshwater pools, so you will not need to wash the saltwater and boat oil off you after!


Outlying Islands

The Islands that surround the main parts of Hong Kong are always worth a visit. The beautiful scenery combined with rich culture is still very visible today. The larger ones like Lantau and Lamma are slowly becoming more popular for tourists, with Lantau being very famous for the Ngong Ping Village and the Big Buddha and Lamma having some fantastic trails to hike and fantastic place for lunch/dinner. The smaller islands (Cheung Chau and Peng Chau) are great places to delve into the rich history of Hong Kong as well. Cheung Chau is filled with old temples and pavilions that are great to walk around in. At the same time, the scenery that surrounds house some amazing trails. Seafood Street is also a worthy place to check out for lunch and dinner (no real need to explain what is being served there!). Peng Chau was once the center of Hong Kong industry in the 70s and 80s, now all is left are distant memories of that time, combined with rustic temples that are all very much worth a look. It is almost like stepping back in a time machine.

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