Top 10 Distractions When Working From Home

So every start up will probably have to experience it at some point. For some people, the dream of waking up and rolling out of bed straight onto your chair in just your underwear and starting work is probably your most ideal situation. More time for you, more time for your family and more time for your friends, what could possibly be wrong with it? Distractions, that is what is wrong. Some people may be above this, and have worked the formula out. However, generally speaking, most struggle with the idea of their work life invading their personal life, leaving a big mesh of a muddled career paths and stress.

So what are the top 10 distractions when working from home? Here they are, in order, according to Regus:

1.     Family demanding attention

2.     Difficulty concentrating

3.     Children/family/pets disturbing work phone calls

4.     Difficulties accessing office equipment (fax, copier, etc)

5.     Household noises (eg, doorbells, washing machine, etc)

6.     Slow or unreliable internet connection

7.     No access to sensitive company documents

8.     Temptation to have television on

9.     Lack of proper work surface

10. Bad posture due to makeshift office

In addition to this, people who work from home generally lack social contact and feel isolated since they get exposed to fewer people then office workers. Even fewer so then people who work in coworking spaces!

To continue to add to the stress of the individual is the need to separate the physical office with your home life. You do not want to condition yourself to be stressed every time you walk into your bedroom because your working desk is there. Granted, some people are forced to work from home due to the resources they have, but a good amount of people have found a decent balance of splitting time between an office and home, giving them the social contact they need and making then feel much less isolated, but saving their resources. That being said, the balance does need to be right in order for you to be at your most efficient.

So… Pretty happy you are in a coworking space now, right?

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