“Twitter for Your Business”

Why Twitter? Here are some reasons to how opening a Twitter account can be useful for your start-up business.

Expand your network.
With Twitter, you can expand your network by following groups that are related to your business or industry and it allows you to gain more potential customers or partners when others follow you back.

Promote your events.
Planning to host a network event or a workshop? Write a tweet and let your customers know about it. Others can retweet what you post and this helps to spread the word. Tweets can also include links to a video or photos from previous events.

Have new products?
Twitter is a great way to share exciting news or products about your company. Sharing highlights on what’s new can help drive traffic to your website.

A tool to search for potential clients or partners.
Today, there are currently 500 million active Twitter users which makes it very efficient and easy to find customers or partners who may be interested in what your company has to offer. By using the search tool, you can find groups related to your business. But remember, focus on building relationships rather than hard-selling.

Share what you are up to.
Tweet about what your company is up to today and let people know about what kind of business you do.

Promote special deals or rates.
Another way to spread the word out is by offering free coupons, discounts, or package deals to those who follow you on Twitter.

Communicate effectively.
Twitter allows users to retweet what you have posted and at the same time, they can comment on what you’ve tweeted. This gives you a chance to read about opinions of your customers on your products or new services.

Follow your competitors.
Follow other companies, leaders, or competitors in your industry and know more about what is happening with them that could either affect your business or inspire you.

Twitter is a free and efficient way to generate an online audience. Share information that is useful to your followers and tweet regularly so more people can learn about your business.

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