“Very First 101 Workshop at the Hive!”

It’s the third week of July and before we know it, the Hive has already been opened for two months! It’s just beginning to feel like summer in Hong Kong and we are very excited to be receiving many enquiries for parties and events.

Last week, we had boom innovation ltd & Wrigley’s host a private workshop using our 21st floor. ‘Gafencu,” a popular men’s magazine in China, also had their photo shoot at the Hive along with TVB. The Hive is gradually becoming a very lively & vibrant community with the number of upcoming workshops that are booked in as well as new members we have welcomed during the past week.

Another exciting event that is happening tomorrow night at the Hive is our very first 101 Workshop which will be followed by a series of workshops every month. Emmanuel Siegel of Evobilis will be the speaker for tomorrow night and we are very happy to be having him here. He will be talking about useful online services that are free (or nearly free!) which will cover a few different topics including Google apps, online project management, CRM, and online file management (e.g. Dropbox, Google drive, etc). We hope the 101 Workshops will come in handy for those who are just starting up their business in Hong Kong.

For more information regarding our workshops, email us at events@thehive.com.hk

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