“Want to Write Emails that People Will Actually Read?”

Nothing is more horrible than sitting at your desk and waiting for emails from those prospective clients that you have been waiting all week. How to avoid?

Here are some helpful tips that might help you get your inbox running:

1. Subject lines DO matter.
What exactly have you typed as your subject line? Short yet informative topic lines that get straight to the point are the things that attract people to read further.

2. Make it easy for people to connect to you. Who said emails MUST be written in formal language? Unless you call people by ‘sir’ or ‘madam’ in real life, just try to avoid it.

3. It’s all about the content. Keep everything short, sweet, and simple. Your clients are people with jobs and a life too – don’t expect people to be intrigued by reading your long emails. Go straight to the point and tell them exactly who you are and how you can help them.

4. Timing. Indeed, there are times of day that are considered “better” times of the day to contact your clients. It is suggested to avoid bad times (aka Monday mornings).

5. Be careful with the image you want to portray. Believe it or not, image is important – whether its face-to-face or even online. Your emails should look clean cut and easy for the readers to understand but at the same time still professional.

So, all the above seems easy to do and you feel like it IS what you have been doing all along. Or are you? Try sending yourself a test email. Would you open it? Would you continue reading on? Put yourself in your client’s shoes and reread the last 10 emails you have sent. You might be surprised with the amount of editing you end up doing!

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