“Definition of a Successful Entrepreneur”

“You must be passionate about your work.”
This means being devoted to and work doesn’t feel like work when you are passionate about what you’re doing. Based on your level of passion, you are able to make an affect on those around you and this is what makes for a successful team.

“You see possibilities and other opportunities in places where others see nothing.”
You’re zooming on with so many new ideas that you want to try out. That’s great but emerging too many new ideas at the same time is sometimes not a good thing – many companies suffer because they are doing too many things at the same time. Try to stay focus on one mission before moving onto next steps. Remember, it’s not a race!

“Work hard. Play hard.”
Success comes from hard work – simple as that. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, made himself “look” like an overnight success – hence ‘look’. There are no such things as overnight successes, behind all of it are years of sweat and pain. A successful entrepreneur is one that puts 100% of their efforts into their work at all times. We can’t control the results of our hard work but at the same time, you have no reason for regrets.

“Trust your gut instinct, not that Excel spreadsheet.”
True, we feel safe when we have all our planned out data typed into a spreadsheet but there are way too many possibilities and outcomes that can’t just be fit into a Microsoft document. If your heart tells you what it thinks is right, go for it. We often find ourselves following our gut instincts but our brain doesn’t seem to be able to find the logic to explain. Do what makes you happy, stay focused on your mission, and let results be the way they will be.

“No one said this road was going to be short.”
It’s not a 3-minute trip to the convenient store. The road to success is a long one and there are always going to be bumps along the way. Just because you haven’t reached your goal, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the achievements along the way. The road is going to be long – so enjoy it! Wouldn’t it be a happier ride if your team mates have fun and enjoy the laughs along the way?

“It’s OK to rely on others.”
Unless you’re a superhero with wicked powers that we don’t know about, there are always going to be things that you excel in and other things that you aren’t so good at. That’s what a team is for. You may find that it is very easy to find people that are just like you but unfortunately, the trick is to find those that are NOT like you and are good at what they can do (which are the things you can’t do!)

“Take less, give more.”
As an entrepreneur, you will realize that you will have met many people that have been a great help to you along the way. You will also realize that there are not always chances for you to help those that have helped you. The only thing you can do is continue helping people that could use your help and hope they pay it forward by helping others as well. The feeling of being able to help others is far more rewarding than any paycheck.

Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t about what car you’re driving or the size of your bank account. It’s about taking from society and being able to return what you have learned and inspiring other lives along the way.

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