“Why Coworking is Cooler Than Renting Your Own Private Office Space”

The Hive has been opened for nearly six months now. With three floors actively running, we have Members coming in and out of the workspace constantly and I’ve had the chance to hear many of their experiences (and complaints!) with working at home, coffee shops, and other private offices.
Why work alone in a closed up cubicle when you can work in a more fun atmosphere?

Here’s some reasons that our Members think coworking at the Hive is way cooler than renting your own private office:

1. No long contracts.
That’s right. We don’t force our customers to sign for contracts that never end. We run on monthly terms and there are no extra sneaky charges that you need to worry about. Basically, all you need to do is come in, turn on your laptop, and you’re good to go. WIFI and printer usage is all included in the membership. We even supply free coffee and tea!

2. Let’s face it: Working alone sucks. Not to mention, boring.
We’ve heard many complaints from our Members about how much they hated their private office. They found no motivation to wake up for work when having to sit alone in a cubicle all day. Here at the Hive, we strongly encourage the need for a community and meeting people has never become easier. There are weekly Thursday drinks on our 21/F terrace where Members have the opportunity to mingle and meet other Members. It’s a chance for everyone to get to know each other and share ideas or concepts that they may be working on.

3. Office spaces are pricey.
Food for thoughts. You’re a start up. Are you sure you really want to be spending your money on buying furniture, office equipment, and monthly utilities? Or should you be spending your money on investing your company? That’s when coworking is convenient. Everything is setup for you and you don’t need to worry about not having a printer, not having an internet connection, etc.

4. Meeting new people is great. Meeting clients? Even better.
At the Hive, there are always chances to meet new people. We have seen collaboration happen and by meeting new people, you can expand your social circle and receive referrals with people you would never be able to meet on your own.

5. Build your brand and reputation.
Coworking spaces often promote their members to the community. For instance at the Hive, we like to feature different members on our monthly newsletter. We are also launching our Members directory page on our website and this makes it easy to find the people you need to find.

6. You’ll have a very cool place to meet your clients at.
No more praying for empty spots at the coffee shop. At coworking spaces, there are usually meeting rooms or conference rooms to hold your meetings at. At the Hive, we have three meeting rooms at the moment with flat screens, whiteboards, and flip charts. Our 21/F also has a projector, screen, microphone, and speakers. Not to mention, our large terrace that you are welcome to use for skype calling or for a quick coffee with a client. It’s much nicer than meeting at a noisy coffee shop!

7. No more slacking off!
Be honest. When you are working at home, how productive are you?
When you’re surrounded by others who are working hard, it encourages and motivates you to stay focused and work hard as well. You’ll want to start and follow up with your clients after hearing your coworker close off a deal.

8. Get opinions from others before launching a product.
This is one of the very useful things about coworking spaces – receiving comments (they can be positive or negative) on new products or ideas that you have and/or thinking about launching. Recently, the Hive hosted a Concept Lab Night for our members and we had four presenters who came with their newest concepts. The audience was of around 20 participants and there was very useful feedback given to each presenter. Some of them were even able to receive referrals to other bigger companies.

9. Be part of a community, a family.
We host many events each month including workshops, Concept Labs, clinics, and networking events. Our events are aimed for our Members and other entrepreneurs or freelancers in Hong Kong. It’s an opportunity to meet other people who are also in the same boat and starting up their businesses.

10. Learning new things and teaching others!
The culture at the Hive is very diverse – we have members from all over the world including France, Holland, Australia, and Canada. By meeting new people, you expand your knowledge as you get to know more about them and their cultures. As most of our members don’t know much about Hong Kong and Chinese culture, they love asking us about the traditions that we take part in for every festival and public holiday there is in Hong Kong. Some of our members are also learning Chinese and practicing with us!

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